Sunday, December 22, 2013

3 Days and Counting Down: Turning Point's Second Hand Rose

Today's Positive Eye On Small & Local: 
Turning Point's Second Hand Rose in Mount Clemens. 

I often wander into this place (at 158 S Main St, right across from the Mt Clemens Post Office), even when I am not looking for anything in particular.
Back before I lived as close to Mt Clemens as I do now, I discovered the small resale shop in their old location on NB Gratiot. The nice people there told me about Turning Pojnt and what they do to help the victims of domestic and sexual violence. I was still actively employed by a large corporation at the time and what they were doing so impressed me that I made the organization my Charity of Choice, donating a little of my weekly paycheck to their efforts.
Shopping there helps a good cause, but that's not the only reason I go in there. Besides having a pleasant and friendly staff, the place is a real treasure trove of cool and useful things... check it out!

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