Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days and Counting Down: Max and Ollie's Vintage Boutique

Today's Positive Eye On Small and Local:
Max and Ollie's Vintage Boutique in Mount Clemens. 

It was just a little under three years ago that I began my rediscovery of Downtown Mount Clemens, which actually started when I was looking for old friends and former schoolmates as I began to enter the world of Facebook. 
In my online wanderings there, I recognized Diane Kubik from my High School days and saw that she was running a small shop, less than two miles from my house, on Pine Street in Mt Clemens. That visit turned into an exploration of her charming store and, in the days that followed, an adventure that would lead me to discover all kinds of strange and fascinating shops around town.
Since then, Diane has moved the shop to a much larger space (65 Macomb Place) and, through her gift for finding the finest treasures, her keen eye for arrangement, and her genuine love for the customers who appreciate these things, has nurtured that small bud of a shop to bloom into the amazing flower of downtown that it is today. Trust me when I say that she makes Christmas shopping easier for me.

Take a look at this short Tout video I shot and see a little of what I'm talking about. 

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