Thursday, December 12, 2013

13 Days and Counting Down: Champagne Chocolates

Today's Positive Eye On Small and Local:
Champagne Chocolates in Mount Clemens.

Champagne Chocolates is a marvelous little chocolate factory in Downtown Mount Clemens (54 Cherry Street). They have such a wide variety of tasty chocolate treats that the mind boggles. They have the best truffles anywhere around, various barks, chocolate covered pretzels, potato chips, ginger, and depending on what day you stop by, they may have some of their limited specialties like hand-dipped fresh strawberries or raspberries... or even chocolate-covered bacon! My favorites are the dark-chocolate Rustic Bars with almonds or tart cherries. Deb crushes up the imported cocoa beans herself and they are mildly sweetened with evaporated cane sugar! Right now, they have special holiday chocolates all over the place, but they can make up special chocolates for any occasion in nearly any shape with whatever you want on them... business logo, wedding or anniversary names and dates... you name it! Check 'em out and tell 'em I sentcha!

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