Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Gift of Small and Local

Today's Positive Eye On Small & Local: 
What Positive ION is All About

   I posted this on my Positive ION Facebook page in response to being referred to as a "promoter". Being called a "promoter" does not offend me in any way... but it does compel me to clarify my position by giving you an idea of just what I am trying to do and why I'm doing it: 

   "Please permit me to quibble (in a friendly sort of way) with the term 'promoter', as it has been applied to me. I actually consider myself to be more of an advocate. 
I try to assist the inhabitants of the local community by becoming a guide in finding ways to keep the local economy viable... mostly by pointing out local choices as alternatives to major chains.
   "My services in this capacity are not for sale, and I do not ask for a cent for what I do. I am doing this for myself, because I like these little places.
   "To me, being a 'promoter' is to have a professional occupation, whereas I am rather like a kid with a big mouth beating a metal pot with a large spoon.
   "In short, I am sharing those things local which I find attractive, in hopes that others may be attracted, as well. It is my hope that, thereby, said things local are likely to stick around... which would mean that most of the money spent in these small places will likely stay in the local area, rather than wander off to more exotic and far-away places." 

   I believe that what I'm doing and what I'm writing about are very important. I blogged on that last April (you can read the full blog post here), shortly after Maryanne MacLeod of The Macomb Daily had approached me to suggest creating a blog which would showcase those things I had already been tweeting and posting about. Here is some of the reasoning:

   "I have had many a conversation with friends and former co-workers who wish they could leave the state, are planning on leaving the state, or have left the state... because of the local economy. 'There's no jobs. There's no money.' That's what they told me. 
   "So, about ten years ago, I started thinking about it. Where did the money go? Well, all I could do is take a look at where my money was going. It was really kind of obvious, but it didn't quite hit home until I heard my daughter tell a friend in a local store, 'No... don't get those peanuts. Get this kind... this company is in Michigan.' 
   "Amanda was reading the packaging for more than just nutrients and ingredients. Who knew?
   "Of course, we had always bought stuff from cool local places and took pride sending gifts to out-of-state friends and family that were unique to Michigan... but, at that point, we started taking a very serious look at what was manufactured where and which businesses were based here. 
   "A short time later, my dayshift counterpart posted a 'Buy Michigan Now' Grocery Guide in my work area. The cover proclaimed, 'If every Michigan household spent just $10 more of their weekly food budget on Michigan products we would put nearly $40 million a week into our local economy! The Buy Michigan Now Grocery Guide is designed to make that easier by building awareness of Michigan brands and products.'
   "I didn't bother to check the math. We realized, as many of our family, friends, and co-workers did, that we could best help our state, our county, our town, community, and neighborhood by keeping as much of our spending as local as possible."

   So, folks... I hope you find the things about which I write useful or helpful in some way. Please look over all the links I have in my sidebars to local gems and other blogs. 
   And if you should so happen to have a favorite small shop, service, eatery, or event that is local to you, I would sure like to know about it. 
   You may comment about that here, visit my Facebook page, tweet me @MyPositiveION, or eMail me at DrRaumzeit@gmail.com
   I'd love to hear from you!

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