Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Note of Thanks.

I have thought long about this, and there is no way. Not even if I had started at midnight... not even if I only decided to just go through this year. How about just this month? This week? Nope... not possible. I've not the words.
That's right. Me. Don't have the words. Wrap your head around THAT. 
If I typed for a full day and sifted through that mental thesaurus of mine, I could not find all the words I would need to tell everyone how grateful I am. 
Oh, and then there's the "For What?" and the "For Whom?". Oh, yeah... good luck with that, Gothro! I could spend a lifetime and never finish the lists. 
I can just tell you I am so very thankful for the here and the now... that I AM here, and now. Therefore, I must... MUST... be grateful for all those people, places, things, and situations... good, bad, and indifferent... that got me to where and when I am. 
Each of you who reads this (and many of you who don't, or can't) had a part in this.
Please accept my blessings for peace and for love this day, and every day.
Tell your family, your dear ones, your friends... heck, tell your enemies... to have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving.

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